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About Dirt Rally

Our player is the team leader. He composes the crew, organises trainings of all members of the team, takes care of the preparation and maintenance of the race car, is in search for sponsors, controls the car settings depending on the specifics of virtual tracks, the weather and other circumstances, decides upon the racing tactics. The interesting thing is that the competitors are real players from different countries.

People behind Dirt Rally






Rally marshal






Rally professional

Moments from the game

Check out some screenshots from the game!

Why we closed the project?

Dirt Rally is closed due to many problems we faced recently. That's definitely a hard decision, but there is no way to go further without having more resources and time working on this project. We also don't want to make people even more angry due to those problems we can't fix at this time. We've played 2 official seasons (4 awesome beta seasons) and I do hope that you liked it as much as we did.

When should we come back? We don't know yet, but dirtrally.net as a domain will be online and you can always reach us via email [email protected]. We think Dirt Rally could reborn as an Open Source or it could be bought by anyone else. Do you think you could help us getting there? Please get in touch!